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Gains You Receive From Studying the Scriptures

Exploring the scriptures in each and every day bring us to God and this affects our lives in a good way in our daily lives. Studying the word of God is very much advantageous because it strengthens our belief and hope in God who created heaven and the universe and every creation in it. Below are the advantages you will get when you continuously explore the scriptures.

Reading the bible verses which is the word of God brings to us the salvation of God. When we put our confidence in the bible verses then we utterly depend on Him totally. Exploring the word of God as one who believes in God unchangingly brings into your mind that God gave up his beloved son because of us. Exploring the word of God is of very great gain since we get the leading of God and this is so because everything we are in need of is found in the word of God. Everything involving how we carry out ourselves and we should behave towards God is established in it.

Studying the scripture is very advantageous because we receive understanding which as a result gives us light. Exploring the scriptures brings freedom to our lives and destroys everything that is keeping us in bondage and also delivers us from every burden that is wearing us down. Studying the word of God is so much advantageous because this word of God gives us joy unspeakable even in our difficult times.

Constantly exploring the bible verses is of very great advantage because it builds our hope in God and helps us know the promises that God has for us. Studying the word of God is very advantageous since it assists us in fighting our fights and defeating the devil. It helps us remain firm during the trying moments that we come into contact with in this lifetime. This will, in turn, increase our faith in God which is very important.

When you study scriptures of the bible then you come into fellowship with God which will build and make firm your relation with God. This will result in God hearing and answering your prayers which is of many gains. When you study the word of God you gain knowledge on how to talk with God properly when the storms of life have put you down.

Exploring the bible verses will mature you in matters that are pertaining to or relating to God. It is very open that exploring the scriptures is of great concern since it will give you success and prosperity in your life as execute every law that God has availed in the scriptures.

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